General features of
Elastomers / Zebra Connectors for LCDs
We offer a wide range of elastomer / zebra connectors for LCD-displays.
+ High Reliability.
+ Shock and Vibration Absorption.
+ Easy Mounting (Cheaper solution for high quantities).
+ No Soldering Process.
+ No Corrosion.
+ Small Pitch (feasible for customized multiplex LCD-displays).
- More or less all elastomers / zebras need to be customized.
- The size depends on the LCD-panel and application.
- Customer need to arrange correct handling to fix in the housing.
- Not easy to handle if customer is not experienced in LCD-technology.
In general we can supply different types of elastomers / zebras. In most application the “sponge” type is used, but we also supply other technologies.
In general we supply a pitch of 0,18mm, but we also can supply smaller pitches if required.
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