General features of Alphanumeric LCD-Modules
- Most of our modules operate within the wide temperature range (-20°C to +70°C) without negative voltage. A contrast-voltage of ~ 4,5 Volt is required (against Vdd).
- The twist of 240° results in excellent contrast and improved viewing cone.
- We use a 16pin version PCB with optional pins for the LED-backlight (A/K).
- Our modules have LED-limit-resistances already on board. These resistors can be changed or bridged easily. If neccessary, the power consumption and brightness can be optimized as per
customer's request.
- The metal bezel is set on ground. If neccessary, our PCB is prepared for disconnection.
- In addition to our wide range of alphanumeric modules in standard STN technology, we have recently introduced some different kinds of technologies.
- Not only using a different backlight color shows new effects, but also different kinds of polarizers, cell-gaps etc.
- We have promoted the STN-BLUE-MODE modules, which are now quite popular in the market. But we also have designed some other technologies like AMBER, RED etc.
New technical concepts allow us to achieve wide temperature range modules without price increase. Most of our products are available from stock. If you do not find any product which can fit into your application we have the capability to manufacture customized- or semicustomized designs also at low volumes and an economical price level.

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