General features of Customized TFTs
- As a partner of the manufacturing industry, we are specialized in custom designed solutions. We offer a full custom design service, from a simple redesigned TFT based on existing TFT-Panels to a full designed special shape TFT-Module.
- The extended exchange of information with our customers leads to optimum results, if we take part in the design at an early stage.
- We split the development process into sections, which are individually approved by the customer before continuing with the next step. Our experience revealed, that this procedure proves to be very effective and guarantees the customer, that the respective next step will take place only after his definite approval.
- If required we hold interim stock for immediate shipment.
- Semi Customized solutions and full customized solutions can be realized for medium volumes at a reasonable price.
- With full customized TFT Panels you get independently from the consumer market. This is possible for medium volume projects already.
- We can realize changed designs based on existing modules, like FPC change, different bezel, different backlight or as full customized special shaped TFT Panel based on customers requirements.

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