General features of 8-Wire-Resistive Touch-Panels
- ITO touch-screens are an interactive input device integrated onto electronic displays. The touch screen consists of two conductive layers. The top layer is ITO film while the bottom layer can be either ITO film or ITO glass. The top layer is suspended by very small spacer dots. When the operator touches the touch panel, the conductive inner surface of the ITO film makes contact with the conductive coating on the top surface of ITO film (or ITO glass). The coordinate X axis of the touch point can be detected by measuring the voltage value though the top ITO layers electrode. Y axis work similar way. Then an external controller senses the touch panel and passes the information to the corresponded IC.
- Standard 8-Wire-Resistive Touch-Panels are available in different sizes (8.4”…21.0”)
- 8-Wire-Resistive Touch-Panels are the most preferred solution for applications requiring accuracy and no re-calibration over time. It is designed based on the 4-Wire-Resistive technology with edge providing one more sensing line as a stable voltage gradient for the touch screen controller. The functionality of additional four lines is to obtain the actual voltage generated by the driving voltage, so the touch screen controller can automatically correct the drift issue resulted from the harsh environment exposure or long time usage.
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